Paper Bead Tutorial - Make Your Own

Posted by Christine Jargick on

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at paper bead making? I use books specifically, but this will work on any kind of paper. There are lots of tutorials out there, many of them using different paper cutting shapes, and different finishes. This is how I started, following different tutorials. I've taken what I've learned from others and have found a method that works the best for book beads. Now, I am passing it your way.

Rather than the triangular shape that so many other tutorials use, I go with a rectangle, so that you are able to read the words. I also find that thinner pages, such as those found on cheaper paperbacks, roll the best. Bible pages roll the VERY best! Pages from hardback books are the most difficult, because the end of the strips tend to pop back up after gluing them down. Keep this in mind if you use thicker pages, you may need to re-glue some of the beads.

That said, here is my tutorial video! Enjoy and please post your own creations to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Tag me - @geminivintage on all platforms. I can't wait to see what you make!




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